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Clarence, NY 14031-0410

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 At Kreher's, we believe our people are our greatest resource.

We believe in providing our employees with a positive experience, opportunities to learn and grow in their careers, and to be a part of our legacy and our future.  

Our Work

We have a variety of jobs ranging from farm labor and animal care, to processing, maintenance, feed mill, compost and fertilizer, and crop and farming operations. 


To learn more about our current job openings, click the category on the right and/or below to view available jobs.  








Why Kreher's?


We are committed to producing quality products and services for our customers. We go above and beyond the standards. 


We believe in shared values: from leading the way in agricultural stewardship to our concern for the well being of our flocks and team members. 


Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time work, a career with benefits, or a seasonal position, Kreher's offers a variety of positions and hours.


We are proud of our team and the work we continue to do together. Throughout four generations, we are continuously working together towards our future.

What our employees are saying

"It is awesome to be a part of a business that is expanding and diversifying at a very fast rate. There are many opportunities to advance within this company, if one has the initiative."
"My enjoyment at Kreher's is the people that I work with along with the many daily and interesting tasks that we deal with day to day. From loading the eggs to processing the packages that we put the eggs into. Working in the middle is the best!! To many more years at Kreher's Farm Fresh Eggs!!!"
"Working at Kreher's has been great! My coworkers are friendly and I love being a member of the team."
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