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We will build upon our family farm's legacy by working together

to serve our customers beyond their expectations.

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Years of


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Family Owned
3rd & 4th Generation

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Western Upstate
New York

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Facilities and Products

meet highest industry standards

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Focus on outstanding quality,

food safety, and service


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As a 3rd and 4th

generation farm, we strive to continue the legacy of our family,

rooted in hard work,

commitment to our goals,

and the deep appreciation

for our people.


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Our family farm will be the #1 trusted resource in the food industry….we will help those who provide food for families to do so in a manner that will ensure people trust and understand where their food comes from…we will provide the highest quality, safest food the land can produce,and work with the food industry to share our knowledge and expertise. Farming will be respected, admired, and a profession of choice. We will set an example by respecting and valuing every member of our team.


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As our family and team grows, we will continue to pass

down the lessons and legacy

of our family farm.

We will continue to grow and value each member of our team.

We will provide the highest quality, safest food and wholesome products to our customers.

We will never stop growing!

Our People

Whether working in poultry care, egg processing, crop and field operations, distribution, compost and fertilizer, feed mill, maintenance, or our office, our people are truly our most valued resource.


It is their dedication and respect for one another that allows us to continue to confidently grow as a business.​

We believe strongly in creating an environment in which people are able to continue to learn and to grow professionally.

To learn about the opportunities that exist for you to grow with us please visit our Job Openings page.

Our History



Henry and Wilhelmina, married in 1923, began farming on 18 acres in Amherst, NY with a few cows, pigs, and 54 chickens. ​ Over the years, Henry would build several coops on their farm and most chickens were kept out on the range.



We began breeding the Kreher pure line strain of hen. Our focus was on poultry and egg production.  In addition to taking care of all of their animals, Henry & Wilhelmina had 8 children.



In 1946, Henry, Sr. built a state of the art hatchery building onto his garage. This building housed the new Robbins Incubator and another incubator.



We purchased land for the existing Clarence farm and began focusing on pullet production. The 2nd generation, Henry Jr. & Don Sr.,  join the family business. ​ Henry Sr. passed away in 1959, the same year as the worst-ever year in the egg industry. Courage, conviction, and the strength of a family working together pulled them through.



We expanded our commercial hen housing on the Clarence farm and started commercial egg production. At this time, we were one of 8 commercial poultry farms in Erie County. Eggs were sold to retail and wholesale customers out of the family house. The office was also in the house.



We were proudly selected as the upstate New York producer for Eggland's Best eggs. Don Sr. and Henry Jr. retired from the business in 1992. In 1999, we were awarded the contract to supply all the eggs to Tops Markets in New York State and PA.  ​We were the first farm in Erie County to implement a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) plan for  our manure.



We expanded the cooler to hold our eggs. Additionally, we began our composting and fertilizer business, serving customers throughout the region. We take our chicken manure, compost it, and eventually turn it into pelleted fertilizer.  ​Our feed mill system was updated with a new, more accurate milling system.



We increased production through contract farming and expanded our packing facility. The retail business moved out of the family house and into the market building. Our 3rd generation began to join the family business. We constructed our own feed mill. To remain efficient, we needed to grow our own feed for our hens.



We are growing!  We continue to produce quality farm fresh eggs, partner with producers and processors on a wide variety of crop and grain farming, flowers and vegetables, and produce our compost and fertilizer. With both the 3rd and 4th generation and a hard working team of employees, we continue to work together for our customers and our community.



We began organic crop production and became one of the largest organic crop farms in the state. Our 4th generation began to join the family business. ​ In 2007, we acquired Wayne County Eggs. Two years later, in 2009, we began construction on Kreher Sunrise Farms for organic egg production.

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