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In 1989, we began composting as an alternative to handling and storing raw hen manure.  For decades since, we have used the manure from our laying hens as a crop fertilizer on our farm.


Today, we continue our goal to be sustainable with the production of compost and fertilizer from our egg farms.

We have developed a dry, flowable product for use in organic crop production. Composting the manure mineralizes nutrients which

creates slow release nitrogen and soluble nutrients, which duplicates what naturally occurs with soil microbes over time, while minimizing phosphate and nutrient build up. Our process has both biological and heat treatments steps which meet FSMA guidelines to ensure the product is safe for use in growing the finest food for you, your family and your customers.

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By-Product of Egg Farms

Composted, pelletized, and dried into granular pellets

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Performs well from start to finish and is blended before pelleting so it will not separate out.

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Provides excellent nutritional value,

aids in improving soil structure,

and is approved for Organic usage

Did you know? At times our product has made its way across the country and literally half way around the world!

Our Compost and Fertilizer Product Line

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5-4-3 OMRI Listed:

Pelleted compost is best used as a starter through the

planter or as a side dress for vegetables. 


One of the benefits of the pelleted compost is that

it will flow easily through drop spreaders.

8-2-2 Blend:

Our 8-2-2 consists of composted poultry manure
and feather meal. 


It supplies slow release nitrogen to those soils with

naturally high levels of Phosphate.

4-3-10 Blend:

Our 4-3-10 consists of composted poultry manure and
OMRI listed sulfate of potash. 

The blend is pelleted and crumbled and flows easily.
No other ingredients are needed. 

This product is best used as a starter where Potassium levels
are low or crop needs are high.

7-2-6 Blend:

Our 7-2-6 consists of composted poultry manure,

organically approved feather meal, OMRI listed blood meal,

and OMRI listed sulfate of potash. 

The blood meal helps provide a quicker Nitrogen release that sustains over time, as well as a boost of Potassium.


Total Nitrogen

Water Soluble Nitrogen

Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P205)

Soluble Potash (K20) 

Trace Minerals

​Calcium (Ca) 

Magnesium (Mg)

Sulfur (S)  

Boron (B)     

Copper (Cu) 

Iron (Fe)   

Manganese (Mn) 

Zinc (Zn)​
















Our 4-3-10, 8-2-2, and 7-2-6 have been reviewed and approved for use
by Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC.

Vermont Certified Organic - NEW transpar

To learn more about Compost and Fertilizer sales, please contact us!

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