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We strive to be good stewards of the environment and to that end we aim to be as efficient and sustainable in everything that we do.​


In addition to raising hens, our family has farmed the land in Western New York for over 90 years. 


Today, we not only produce ingredients for feed but we also grow a wide variety of vegetables and grains which make their way into the consumer market. Those varieties of vegetables and grains benefit from our fertilizer, which is a by-product of our poultry manure.


Our hens lay eggs which make their way to your table.

The hens' manure is collected and converted to fertilizer.


We recover composting materials for further processing of vegetables to use on our crops.

The fertilizer is used on our fields to grow vegetables and grains.

Compost Spreading.png

We produce the feed to raise our hens.

We are committed to do the right things in the right ways

for our hens, for our products, for our people, 

and for our customers.

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