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At the core of all that we do, the Kreher Shared Values represent
our beliefs and commitment to our hens, our customers, and to each other.

We aim to be industry leaders by doing the right things and doing things right every day.

We start each day with gratitude in our hearts for each member of our team
and ask all to act with
forgiveness whenever needed.

We achieve our shared goals and visions through teamwork, embracing a strong work ethic
and approaching everything we do with the utmost

We also celebrate the wins and losses by sharing in all that we do.

Finally, we strive to be a good neighbor by proudly supporting each of the communities we serve.

We are Kreher Family Farms!


for our farm family


Training & Development​​

We look to help our employees continue to grow providing continual onsite training so they may advance as well as provide them with the tools they need do the job right.

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Benefits & Recognition

We aim to support our employees by providing a competitive benefit package.


Wellness & Safety

We care about our people and seek to foster a safe and healthy work environment by doing things such as providing free annual health checkups, daily onsite wellness checks and annual wellness events.

for our hens

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Animal Welfare

We adhere to the strictest animal welfare standards on our farms. 
We participate in a number of voluntary independent 3rd party humane certification programs, as well as conduct thorough monthly internal audits. 


Health & Nutrition

Healthy hens produce nutritious, quality eggs.  We ensure that our hens are raised in safe environments and receive all the food, nutrients, clean water and fresh air that they need to remain healthy.   

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For decades, Kreher's participates in and holds leadership roles within many industry organizations that promote animal health and welfare. We provide continued training to our poultry care attendants to ensure that the hens health & well being is top of mind always.

for our Community

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Food Safety

We conduct a variety of internal and 3rd party audits with an emphasis on food safety. We consistently achieve high scores on audits.
We have recently begun to roll out an enhanced traceability program on each of our farms.


Quality Assurance

Our egg farms operate to the highest standards. We have onsite USDA graders who provide an added level of security and scrutiny.



We believe strongly in supporting and do so through various charitable endeavors including food donations, monetary contributions, fundraising activities, scholarships, and active community engagement.

for our Environment

Compost Biofilter.jpg


We have custom designed and engineered compost biofilters to mitigate odors and improve air quality around our farms.



We employ organic crop growing practices on over 55% of our land, utilizing our own pelleted organic fertilizer on our crop land. 
We have implemented an electronics recycling program which helps our employees to keep electronics out of the nation’s landfills.
We continue to evaluate all that we do in order to reduce our environmental footprint and preserve our resources. 


Energy Efficiency

We have converted the majority of lighting at our facilities over to LED lighting, reducing our energy usage.  Additionally, we are in the process of having solar panel farms added to various farm locations in order to provide an additional renewable energy resource for families within our communities.

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