Since 1924, our family has been farming land in Western New York. Our founders, Henry and Wilhelmina, started on an 18 acre plot of land.

Our crop farming operations are rooted in our need to produce quality feed ingredients of corn, soy, and wheat for our hens.​


Today, we continue to be innovative and sustainable in our farming as we produce quality crops for feed for our hens and for our customers.​

Organic and conventional crops

Farming throughout

Western New York

Innovative growing techniques and practices with strategic partners

Sustainable measures to build a better farming ecosystem

Innovative Farming

We are bringing organic production closer to our customers by approaching organic farming in a different way.

Through strategic partnerships, we aim to be innovative in our production. 

We are leveraging new technology and resources in our production processes as we explore new growing techniques. 

“I grew up hearing about the importance of teamwork from Grandpa. He would tell the fable of The Bundle of Sticks and remind us that there is strength in a team. Not only do we apply this team approach around the farm, but we work the same way with our neighbors and farming partners. We can do more and be more innovative working together and sharing our experiences than we can alone.”




Sustainable Farming

We work hard to build better soil

and better land for farming by

leaving the ground in better condition

than when we started with it. 

We are preserving biodiversity, sustainability, and overall quality of the land and the products we produce. 

We aspire to be sustainable in

all that we do.


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