...the closer the hen house... the fresher the egg®

We take great pride in the quality of our eggs. Our team works hard every day, to bring you
the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest eggs possible!

Three family-operated farms located in

Erie, Genesee, and

Wayne counties


nutritionally enhanced, cage-free, pasture-raised,

and organic eggs 

Produce Eggland's Best, private brand for many retailers and foodservice companies,
and our Kreher's brand

Both of our conventional egg laying farms are UEP (United Egg Producers) Animal Welfare Certified. 

Our cage-free and organic farm is American Humane Certified.

We operate two USDA continuous inspection egg packing facilities where our eggs are washed, graded, and packed to our customer's specifications.

Our Product Line

Bulk/Foodservice Shell Eggs

  • Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large

  • Case Count: 15 & 30 Dozen

  • Grade: USDA AA

  • Varieties: Conventional (White) &
    Cage-Free/ Organic (Brown), Nutritionally Enhanced

Retail Shell Eggs

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo

  • Case Count: 15, 24 & 30*

  • Unit Count: 6ct, 12ct, 18ct, 20ct, 24ct, 60ct

  • Grade: USDA A & AA

  • Varieties: Conventional (White) & Cage-Free/ Organic (Brown), Nutritionally Enhanced

  • Packaging: Pulp, Foam and Plastic

  • Brands: Private Label, Eggland's Best,
    Land O' Lakes, Born Free, Kreher's

* Custom pack sizes and packaging available 

Hard Cooked Eggs

  • Count: 2ct & 6ct

  • Variety: Nutritionally Enhanced, Cage-Free & Organic

  • Brands: Eggland's Best

  • Available Retail and Foodservice

Our Brands

Private Brand

The           Egg

Kreher Family Egg Farms is proud to be a local family-owned farm that produces America's #1 egg brand, Eggland's Best!

Eggland's Best eggs provide customers with a more nutritious egg, which is also the finest, freshest, and most delicious egg possible. 


We are able produce these eggs through the combination of utilizing an all-vegetarian hen feed and a strict adherence to EB quality standards. The result is an egg that stays fresher longer and has superior nutrition and taste compared to ordinary eggs.  


We are pleased to offer Eggland's Best Classic, Cage-Free and Organic Fresh Shell Eggs, as well as Hard Cooked products to our customers.

All Eggland's Best trademarks and trade names are the property of Eggland's Best, LLC and subsidiaries 

“When I think about egg production, my main focus is to ensure that all of our hens have their needs met first and foremost.  Addressing issues as they arise, no matter how small, helps ensure that our hens are healthy and comfortable, a healthy and comfortable hen delivers a safe nutritious egg to our customers!”


Director, Poultry Management

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Clarence, NY 14031-0410

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Receiving: Mon - Fri 7 am - 3 pm

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